A True Writer Named Association President

Congratulations, Russ Azbill! Russ is the new president of Arizona Authors’ Association and the Board of Directors and members who know Russ’ integrity, credibility, his award-winning writings, and have worked with this talented published author over the last many years are THRILLED! This represents very good news for all Arizona authors and writers.

The great literary work conducted by the Association continues. The 2018 Literary Contest competition closes at the end of this coming weekend. Submission deadline is postmark midnight July 2, 2018. Enter today!

However, if your membership or author/writer efforts meet with misinformation or unauthorized communications, the Board of Directors advises everyone to contact Russ at RussellRAzbill@gmail.com or the Association at AzAuthors@gmail.com regarding anything associated with Arizona Authors’.

Due to circumstances previously unknown to and beyond the control of Arizona Authors’, recent actions by the former officers taken against and detrimental to the Association are under investigation. Once the Association receives the investigative report addressing the actions perpetrated against this 501(c)(3) nonprofit literary and educational organization and its members, a State of the Association statement will be shared with the membership.