Congratulations 2017 Arizona Literary Awards Winners!

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2017 Literary Contest WINNERS!

2017 Arizona Book of the Year! ~

Poems and Songs of the Presidents of the 20th Century, by John Kermit Kerr (ISBN: 9781682894903 and 9781682894880)


POETRY ~ First and Second Place Poems nominated for 2018 Pushcart  Prize                                                        

Third Place ~ Summer is Coming to Phoenix, by Pam Davenport

Second Place ~ Home, by Joseph J. Ridgway

First Place ~ Los Compadres, by Sally Clark

First Place ~ On the Night She Died, by Pam Davenport


SHORT STORY – All works are nominated for the 2018 Pushcart Prize

Honorable Mention ~  Conchobar’s Castle, by Mark Ford

Honorable Mention ~ The Priest Hunter, by Diana Ellis

Honorable Mention ~ The Skeleton Key, by Bob Natiello

First Place ~ Dog Star, by Tim Schaefer




Honorable Mention ~ Notes On Being A “Fixer, by Brenna Vanderheyden

Third Place ~ Shockproof, by W.D. Mast

Second Place ~ The Catholic School from Hell, by Jane Frances Ruby

First Place ~ The Mystery of Three, by John Hansen



Honorable Mention ~ Black Hill, by Casey Thorne

Honorable Mention ~ Hannah’s Visions, by Dr. Sam Sterk

Second Place ~ The High Art of Haunting: Book 1 – The Classical Musician, by K. Patrick Malone

Second Place ~ The Paradox of Jayne Le Faye, by Philip P. Carlisle

First Place – Path of the Half Moon, by Vince Bailey



Third Place ~ Chloe and the Desert Heroes, by Amy Hemingway, Kathleen Hindle, Brenda Olive, Phyllis Strupp and Diane A. Vaszily (ISBN: 9780974672724)

Second Place ~ I’m Your Buddy, by Carol Ann Rowell (ISBN: 9780998714219)

First Place ~ Buddy the Soldier Bear, by Marie Joy (ISBN: 9780997924909)



Honorable Mention ~ Dual Therapy, by Elvis Bray (ISBN: 9781545385302)

Honorable Mention ~Hidden Ones ~ A Veil of Memories, by Marcia Fine (ISBN: 9780982695258)

Honorable Mention ~Voyages of Evening Light, by Ron Osborn (ISBN: 9781498496858)

Honorable Mention ~The Beauty Doctor, by Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard (ISBN: 9780998440668)

Third Place ~ The Intersect, by Brad Graber (ISBN: 9780997604207)

Second Place ~ The Turbulent Trail, by Mike Thompson (ISBN: 9781432831783)

First Place ~ Poems and Songs of the Presidents of the 20th Century, by John Kermit Kerr (ISBN: 9781682894903 and 9781682894880)



Honorable Mention ~ Baja Loco: 4 Racing Days & Tequila Nights on the NORRA Mexican 1000, by Rico Austin (ISBN: 9781944255305)

Honorable Mention ~ Different Latitudes: My Life in the Peace Corps and Beyond, by Mark D. Walker (ISBN: 9781935925811)

Honorable Mention ~ Growing Up Only, by Emily Pritchard Cary (ISBN: 9780692831823)

Third Place ~ The Miracle du jour, by Terryl Warnock (ISBN: 9780989469852)

Second Place ~ Love, Bill: Finding My Father through Letters from World War II, by Jan Krulick-Belin (ISBN: 978145754379 and 9781457546051)

First Place ~ New Mexico and the Pimeria Alta ~ The Colonial Period in the American Southwest, edited by John G. Douglass and William M. Graves (ISBN: 9781607325734)